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Cloud and Data center strategy, Digital workplace, Network and Security

How can we help you?

Our team can design a system and see it through from concept to reality, be it an architectural blueprints or implementing IT platforms or move your IT systems to the Cloud and subsequent procedures. As much as we love to design and implement things from the ground up, we are more than happy to help you out with a pool of I.T experts to fit in as part of a much larger program. Some of key benefits are – 

  • Helping to transform IT landscape to enable flexibility and enhance business agility.
  • Quickly incorporating emerging technologies into the existing infrastructure.
  • Enhancing IT service delivery quality.
  • Lowering costs through IT service and automated monitoring.
  • Facilitating the reinvestment of cost savings into IT-enabled innovation.

Read on below for more detail on the project services we offer, or get in touch with our team for more information.

Cloud Services

New standards and innovations in an ever-changing and maturing ecosystem mean the potential, and complexity, of cloud computing continues to increase. We can help you to design, build and manage the right mix of private, public and hybrid solutions for your business giving you the flexibility to scale effectively as your business grows. We provide vendor agnostic advice along with a portfolio of infrastructure, platforms and software as a service solutions.

As a Microsoft partner we have helped businesses to assess, establish cloud foundation and migrate their IT workloads to cloud platform and we are a partner in bringing the power of cloud infrastructure to life, down to small and medium sized businesses. A multi-cloud strategy enables business to take advantage of the strengths of each cloud platform and mix and match to suit the needs and business usage. If you are a cloud sceptic who just wants to know what it’s all about, or an I.T professional desperate to move your workloads or back-up process to a Hybrid cloud environment, we can help. 

Office 365 & Microsoft 365

We have been assessing the suitability of businesses to migrate their internal Exchange or webmail solutions over to Office 365. As a result of this, we consider ourselves experts in the planning and execution of migrations of mail servers to the cloud and have carried out projects from 5 to 2,000 users, giving those businesses access to a far more flexible and resilient mail platform. If like many organisations, mail is a huge part of your workflow why not speak to us about taking advantage of the many features and benefits offered by our versatile and affordably priced solution.

Workload Migrations

From conception to execution we can look at the options available to your business, manage the acquisition of the hardware and software involved in the transition and work with you to carefully plan and carry out the work required to migrate your IT workloads over to the new environment. So, don’t let the thought of a large project to move your infrastructure to the cloud put you off, start enjoying the benefits with our expertise. With the power of public and private cloud solutions, environments can be up and running in a matter of hours and we have been providing this sort of solution to new and existing clients. We can work with you to understand the challenges you may face when deploying into the cloud and plan the process to try and mitigate them.

Back-Up and Disaster Recovery

Nothing is quite like peace of mind, and what better way to feel safe about your business continuity than implementing a rock-solid back-up and disaster recovery solution. Users count on their business being back up and running as seamlessly and quickly as possible in the event of a disaster, however a few truly have reasonable expectations or even know the steps involved in doing so. We are helping companies attain a higher degree of understanding surrounding their systems, as well as ability to rapidly be re-deployed or recovered when the unthinkable happens. Our Technical team regularly deploy and maintain disaster recovery systems and perform mock disaster scenarios to prove the effectiveness of your systems, or uncover fatal flaws should there be any. Our team of technical staff have spent many years implementing and maintaining on-prem and cloud back-up targets and as a result, can offer you the advice you need to choose the best disaster recovery strategy for your business. 

Data Protection Services

Usingthe latest data backup and data replication technology our data protection services are designed to best meet your target recovery time and target recovery point objectives. Through regular, simulated fail-overs we provide increased business confidence against localised errors and larger regional disasters.

Server Platform Migrations

Whether moving a server from on premise to a hosted or cloud environment or undertaking the task of upgrading from an outdated platform to something far newer, we are happy to assist. With years of experience helping small and medium sized businesses grow, we can provide expertise in datacentre server products as well as virtual server platforms such as VMware, Hyper-V and Citrix, ensuring that whatever your current or future environment, we can plan a project to get you to your end goal with minimal disruption to your business.

Software Upgrade Rollouts

Many companies simply don’t have the required man-hours to carry out the lengthy and sometimes disruptive process of deploying new client operating systems or updates to industry specific software packages so why not let us help out? As a business, we have spent years working with different organisations when their internal IT departments need assistance with projects they simply couldn’t manage by themselves, or even worse, those that have no internal expertise whatsoever, so we like to think that whatever the deployment, we can get it carried out in a swift, professional manner.

IT Security

We provide a comprehensive range of IT security services in order to help companies manage the risk associated to the IT systems and protect the integrity of business critical data. Our security consultants have decades of experience in IT security and carry CISSP certifications. With the introduction of modern compliance guidelines putting pressure on existing IT teams to implement complex and niche security technologies, our Security Consultants are trained to find the best fit solutions to your organisation’s compliance requirements. Implementing modern security solutions in-line with the corresponding compliance is a long complicated process. With our talented and experienced team we formulate a strategy for successful implementation critical security solutions that addresses critical security and compliance controls such as End Point Security composing of Anti Malware, Host Intrusion Prevention Systems, File Integrity Monitoring, Vulnerability Management, Web Application Firewall, Access Control, Security Incident and Event Management, Data Security & Network security.

IT Process Development

Struggling with keeping track of your hardware and software? Do you have times where you’re unsure of the ideal lifetime of your servers or system platforms? Many companies struggle with understanding what factors go in to deciding on the IT requirements of their staff or end up with hardware and software in their business way after its predicted lifespan. If that sounds familiar then our team can help you gain more insight into your current and future processes and help make your future decisions more informed and in many cases, save you money.

Digital Workplace

Increasing productivity, providing a seamless access across different types of devices is the success criteria for every organisation across different industries. With our collaboration with Microsoft and expert experience, we help our clients to modernise the IT infrastructure, deploying Windows 10, Office 365, Consistent collaboration tools built on Office 365 and InTune solutions. Delivering user Self Service capabilities to improve responsiveness, flexibility and reduce operating costs  to provide an improved experience while working within office or remotely, enable workforce transformation and communication and collaboration to the next level.

Office Moves

So the time has come to uproot your entire business and shift it somewhere else. It’s enough that you have to worry about getting all of your business-critical equipment and staff members to an entirely new premises, without the stresses and strains of ensuring they can actually work when they get there. That’s where we come in. Let us assist with liaising with office fitters to get your comms room built to your specifications and then marry new and existing hardware to allow your staff to hit the ground running when you open the doors of your new office.